About Electric Nation

America's fastest-growing profession: Wind TechnicianElectric Nation: Powered by Wind is the Wind Energy Foundation’s new campaign to enlist wind energy supporters to become active on social media to educate others about the importance of accelerating the United States’ transition to this clean, homegrown source of electricity.

Many of wind energy’s supporters are currently sitting on the sidelines of the national debate over what kind of energy should be used to power our homes and businesses. Our goal is to persuade them that by getting active on social media, they can help accelerate the shift to clean energy while having fun and becoming connected to a vibrant, online community.

Electric Nation: Powered by Wind is delivering simple, informative messages and images about wind energy that people can distribute through their social media accounts.

For example, did you know that wind energy is the U.S.’s biggest, fastest, and cheapest solution to climate change?  Did you know that the fastest-growing job in the U.S. is wind energy technician?  As the online Electric Nation community grows, these and other messages will spread virally and greatly enhance the national debate over our energy future.